Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The new recruit

The usual running cronies are all back to normal routines.   Jaimee’s marathon training is in full swing, Todd’s IT band is slowly recovering from his half marathon, my cranky foot has held up pretty well, and Kerri is just as consistent and agreeable as ever.  Chris’s initial enthusiasm for group running has faded, but he assures me that he is running at home and looking forward to upcoming races.  By now we’ve been running together for a few months and we’ve developed certain routines, relationships, and behaviors that can only accrue over time.  This makes me very happy, because as an extremely structured and slightly OCD person with a strong aversion to surprises, I thrive on comfortable routines.  If you remember back a few months ago, I had a tough time adjusting to a “group run” because I liked my solo routine.  Now I can’t imagine running without the usual suspects during the week.
                Todd had enough sense to realize my sensitivity towards our cozy little club, so last week he started gently planting the idea that a new recruit might start running with us.  He mentioned this so casually, saying more than likely she wouldn’t show up anyways, but the offer was open.  Todd is the exact opposite of me.  Where I thrive on the comfortable sameness, he thrives on excitement and changes.  I immediately felt threatened by this announcement and I’ve been dreading the day the new recruit shows up.  As it turns out, today was the day.
                Right on time, the new recruit showed up to the locker room.  While we waited for her, I turned to Todd with my mouth wide open.  Really Todd?  A supermodel?  Was it really necessary to recruit a yoga-instructor-blond-bombshell into our running club?  You couldn’t have recruited one of the GQ-looking-perfectly-sculpted men from Marketing for me?  As my one passive aggressive tactic, I made Todd and Jaimee promise me and swear on their spandex that they would not tell Miss Perfect about my running blog.  As much as I disliked the change up in our running group, I at least had to acknowledge the benefit of it in terms of new blog material.  I had a feeling I would be exploiting it to the fullest.  Sure enough, moments later she emerged from the locker room looking perky and perfect in her pink running outfit and shiny shoes.
                We hit the pavement for our 3.5 mile route, and Pinky casually mentioned that she hadn’t run in 8 months but she’d try to keep up as best as she could.  At that point I actually felt a little bad for her, since a 3.5 mile run is a pretty aggressive running debut.  Against my nature, I ran with her for a while and gave her some insight (such as, don’t bother trying to keep up with Todd).  We chatted for a while, and after about a half a mile I realized she was no threat, no enemy, and dare I say even a breath of fresh pink air into our running club.  She slowed down to a walk for a while, and Todd checked in with her to make sure she could get back to the building ok.  (Even I’m not mean enough to drag someone down the street and make them get lost for hours on their lunch break, get locked out of the secret back door entrance, and lose their job).  (Although, now I will keep that tactic in mind).  
                Jaimee and I continued on, and as Todd was catching back up to us we were discussing Jaimee’s recent 10 mile race in which she had to pee the whole time and couldn’t find a discreet enough location on the  course, so with no other choice she just chugged along and held it in as best she could.  (Since this is not Jaimee’s blog, and Jaimee does read this blog, I will forgo any additional pee-related detail of this story).  It did remind me though how just before the run I had eaten a banana and Todd commented on how our runs are entertaining because it’s a constant question of whether I will be puking myself or pooping myself.  (For the record, I have not once puked, pooped, or peed myself while running.  Yet.)  Then I got to thinking, if Todd had a blog (which he does) about running (which he doesn’t), here’s what my guess is he would have included in today’s blog:
·         Recruited a new hot babe.  Sweet!
·         I wonder if there will be a girl fight.  Sweet!
·         The new hot babe is slowing down and feeling vulnerable.  I’ll swoop in like the gentleman and slowly usher her back to the building.
·         Jaimee and I have a standing bet on Jill’s stomach (puke versus poop).  The kitty is getting pretty high, maybe that pre-run banana will be my golden egg
·         What I wouldn’t give to be in that locker room
By the time we reached the building, Pinky was out of sight but Todd went back for her.  She really seemed to enjoy the run and wasn’t discouraged at being left behind.  She actually was very fun to talk to, with a bubbly personality to match her pink sweatshirt and I admit it would be fun having her join us again.  Maybe one of these days if she sticks with it, I’ll even tell her about my silly little blog.  When that day comes, I can only hope someone will remind me to delete this post first! J


  1. If things don't go so well with Pinky, maybe you guys can head over to Harold Parker State Forest.

  2. Why don't I get a cute name like "pinky" I am like the dog in the group... old reliable...never gives us an ounce of trouble... and yes I am the oldest in the running group by 10 years...

  3. Kerri, I do believe you've now been labeled "Old Reliable" ;)

  4. Does that mean we now have two dogs in the running group: 1 mature dog and 1 puppy? Me thinks we need to give the blog owner her own name!