Friday, June 10, 2011

Miscellaneous week in review

Well folks… the way I see it, I have one of two options given my limited miles on the road.  I can either blog less, (boo! No! Say it ain’t so!) or I can expand my blog a wee bit to include some other activities.  I decided to go with option two, so if I bore you to death I apologize.  If I start posting blogs about cats and knitting, please stage an intervention and send me hate mail.
Here’s the overall week in review:  The theme of the week was HOT, HOT, HOT!  A crazy heat wave rolled through which produced some pretty hot temperatures (not complaining; how can I after our insane winter).   The heat just seemed to come on all at once, and it was just too unhealthy to run.  No need to talk me out of it… I may love to run but I know my limitations when it comes to heat.  I am a baby.  A wuss.  A complete and utter blob in the heat.  My heart beats like crazy, I get light headed, I get dizzy, and I’m just a general mess.  I had a mild intention of getting up early to run before work this week.  I gave it a good ol’ college try.  Set the alarm super early.  Went to bed fairly early.  But when the alarm went off, I rolled over, hit snooze, and repeated that step every nine minutes for the next hour until it was time to get ready for work.  I considered running on the treadmill at the gym but talked myself out of that too.  With my stupid hip injury I’m supposed to only be running a couple days a week anyways, so I’m still trying to get used to that.  Running, it seems, is a hard habit to break.
In lieu of running, I thought biking might be a better option in the heat.  I recently bought a mountain bike for my son Andrew, so after a lifetime we finally have something in common.  On Tuesday, we packed up the bikes and trucked down to the Milford bike path.  It was 88 degrees at 5:30 at night but the heat was not an issue on the bike like it would have been running.  We had a nice easy 7+ mile bike ride, dodging the gangsters Milford natives.  Andrew loved it, and I admit it was kind of nice compared to some of the more challenging trail rides I usually do.  The whole time I felt like I was cheating, but Andrew was happy and it was a good workout for him, so it was a good night.  Biking is actually harder on my hip than running so it’s a good idea for me to be careful anyways. 
Andrew - Taking a water break
Wednesday and Thursday were my wake up early/extended snooze button workouts.  The heat made it impossible to run at lunch, and severe thunderstorms each afternoon made it impossible to run after work.
Today, Friday, I finally managed to wake up early enough to run before work.  Don’t  be too impressed; I worked from home today which saved me 45 minutes of “getting ready” for work and an hour and a half commute.  Here’s how my work at home days play out:
7:00 – roll out of bed, throw on running clothes
7:10 – start running
7:50 – return from running, hop in shower
7:55 – out of shower, dry off, turn on computer
8:00 – work!
With my stupid hip, hills are tough and unwise.  I’m a fairly stubborn person and I’ll run through pain, but the doctor made it clear that running through pain in this situation could lead to a more severe tear so I really need to be careful.  Since I have that giant monster hill outside my house, my only option to run at home is to run out on the trail.  I have a nice easy flat loop at home but it requires a half mile run through the trail.  Given the two options, I felt that the trail route was a safer option than the giant monster hill, so off I went.  I walk/jogged the trail, trying to be super careful in the wet woods and slick roots.  Today was one of those days where my body just felt like junk.  Maybe because I wasn’t awake yet, or hadn’t had breakfast, or it was still pretty steamy, I’m not sure.  I thought I’d be plenty perky after not running since Monday but it didn’t work out that way.  I continued my nice easy run, enjoying scenery and dodging early morning commuters.  On the return trip through the trail, I made a stupid move and twisted my ankle on a root.  I’m not going to repeat the language that erupted from this little mouth but let me assure you readers, I made the wildlife blush.  A sharp pain hit my ankle, stopping me in my tracks.  I walked for a while, and then walk/jogged my way back to the house.  What really aggravates me more than anything is that I wanted to walk the trail in the first place, but I was running late and didn’t want to be late for work.  After that little injury I was so deflated and discouraged.  Some pretty negative thoughts started flying.  I’m not a runner.  I’m a stupid clutz.  Put me in a bubble.  I should never leave my house.  I’m so un-athletic.  I should never run on a trail.  I should have just hit snooze.  All the while I was getting massacred by mosquitoes, who were thoroughly enjoying my slowed pace.  Yeah, it wasn’t a happy morning here in mosquito-misery land.
After a super fast cold shower and an Aleve, I started work and immediately started looking forward to my lunch break.  Today is my horse’s birthday and I wanted to take him on a nice trail ride.  I don’t have a lot of time at lunch so I could only do a half hour ride with him but it was beautiful weather and a nice ride, and I think he enjoyed the outing.

Rocco - the birthday boy

After lunch, Andrew and I went mountain biking.  Our original plan was to go to a bike path, but things changed and we got a little short on time, so the only way we were going to be able to squeeze in a ride was to ride at home on the trails.  Oh, bummer.  (YAY!).  Although Andrew was a little nervous about the trail ride, I was happy to be off the paved path and onto some technical trails.  I was very careful not to take him down some of the more difficult trails, and he really enjoyed himself.  Unfortunately I was an idiot and forgot to press the start button on my Garmin so my route is a little skewy, but since I’m not really tracking my bike miles I’m not too worried about it.  I was just happy to be out there, and so was he, so that’s what counts.
At the present time I’m hanging out in the recliner, writing my blog, watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup (crossing fingers!), reflecting on my weird week, and looking forward to the weekend.  Tomorrow is a full day with a long trail ride planned with the horses, followed by a 7-8 mile run with Kerri in the afternoon, and mountain biking with Mom in the evening.  This is becoming a habit!  I really need to dust off my pitch for the triathlon of horseback riding/running/mountain biking.  I know of approximately two people who I think would be into this.  Knowing these two particular people I would come in third, but still it would be a fun game.  I think I’m going to make this happen in August when we go camping together.  More to come on that.  More immediately, I need my ankle and hip to cooperate to get through my run and bike tomorrow!
I’m trying to find the perfect spot to insert this picture, and it most likely will end up in the Hyannis race report, but look what I just got!  Heading towards the finish line in Hyannis.  I don’t normally order the proof but thought it would be fun to put online.  And for the record, I will be utilizing spray sunscreen for every run going forward, forever.  Even in the winter.  It’s kind of flattering, it looks like my legs are airbrushed!  (Notice the spiraling pony tail, mentioned in previous posts)

Finally… Mom snapped a picture of me “in the moment” while writing this blog.  Not very flattering, that’s for sure, but this is the real-life-Friday -night -party -animal Me.  Note the two different alcohols I’m drinking while writing this blog.  If anyone’s keeping track, the beer is a delicious Dark India Pale Ale named Hop Noir (LOVE IT) and the wine glass has Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey.  I wanted both, I’m not driving, so I didn’t have to choose between the two!  Let’s just hope I can actually get up in the morning for my all-day triathlon!

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