Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Asics Sabbatical

A lot has happened since the last time I posted, so I’ll try to catch up best I can with some of the key high lowlights. 
My last run: The last time I laced up my brandy spanking new Asics was on September 10.  Kerri and I did another long run, on my quest to prepare for a half marathon this weekend.  We did 9 miles and I felt very good.  My hip restricted me of course, but I felt strong and it was a real confidence builder.  I knew that if I could squeeze in just one more of those before this weekend I would be in good shape for the half.  Unfortunately, three days after that long run I had to cancel my running plans because of some unusual hip soreness.  That extended into Wednesday, and then Thursday, and so-on.  The pain has gotten progressively worse over the last couple of weeks and now just walking is a struggle.  My running, hiking, and biking days are behind me, and I’ve officially hung up the Asics until 4 months after surgery.
Energy reassignment: For the first time in years, running isn’t what I think about most.  At first, the realization that my running ended 6 weeks earlier than expected was tough to digest.  I think this is a big reason why I didn’t update my blog for so long.  I struggled in finding a way to redirect my energy and remained a little bitter about my early retirement.  Finally, I made a plan to remodel the family room.  Totally unrelated to running, sure, but still a major project that I could focus on.  The plan is to have the family room finished by the time I go in for surgery, so I’ll have a comfortable room to be spending a lot of time in.  So needless to say, I’m deep in the process of painting, carpeting, installing a giant flat screen, and scouring the internet for good deals on furniture.  As I start progressing through my rehab, I’m thinking about getting a cycle trainer in there to pedal indoors on my mountain bike.
My 5 week plan:
I have just over 5 weeks left until surgery, but in desperation I called the surgeon yesterday.  When I first saw him I was in pain but I was still getting through daily life ok.  My hip has gotten to the point where it impacts pretty much every aspect of every activity… even sleeping!  They scheduled an emergency cortisone injection for me tomorrow morning to try to make it a little more bearable while I wait for surgery.  I’m hopeful that this will provide some relief, but I also distinctly remember the amount of pain I experienced the day I had my first injection back in May.  At least now I have experience, so I will be cautioning the doctor to fill me up with loads of lidocaine.
Other happenings in the 5 week plan:
·         Finish the family room renovation, which includes picking out a kick-ass recliner
·         Wrap up some work stuff
·         Go on one last camping trip with the horses (this weekend, yay!)
·         Take full advantage of the injury and exploit sympathies for personal gain
I promise not to be as absent on this blog, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing more “remodeling” updates and pain killer comparisons and less running articles.  I will be sure to blog about my experiences post-surgery and physical therapy, and the long eventual road back into my running shoes. 

See you in February, Asics!

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