Monday, October 24, 2011

An unwelcome distraction

It’s going to be hard not to be incredibly jealous of me for all that I have experienced in the last week.  Today is Monday, and it’s hard to believe my surgery is at the end of this week!  This is my last chance to get a few things done before surgery, and as usual I had things planned pretty carefully.  I had a certain amount of people I had to catch up with, shopping to do, errands to run, things to clean up around the house while I could still walk.  It’s amazing how much preparation is required to go into surgery!  Unfortunately I got sidelined by some ridiculous cold and I’ve spent the last nine days doing everything possible to get well.  I tackled this cold in the same manner I tackle a race or any other significant event.  Lots of planning, execution, and strong follow through.  At the first sign of the sore throat I loaded up on cold medicines and stocked the cabinet full of tea bags.  Mom made a giant batch of chicken soup, which I had for lunch and dinner pretty much every day all week. 

My anti-monster cold war chest

My plan seemed foolproof, and things were looking promising by Friday when I started feeling a little better.  Timing was good too, since I had to go for my pre-op screening.  I did mention to the doctor that I had a “little head cold” and she didn’t seem too concerned.  It was a thorough test, complete with an EKG (which I nailed, thank you very much) and lab work.  Everything went smoothly until she told me I wasn’t going to be able to take any aspirin or Motrin for one week prior to the surgery because it thins blood.  This was the first I had heard of this, and I wasn’t too excited about it.  I’ve been living on Motrin for the hip pain, so I knew that going without an anti-inflammatory for a week was going to make me one cranky individual.  I hadn’t planned for this!
Somehow the best of preparation couldn’t compete with this monster cold though, and I got even sicker over the weekend.  At this point I got really nervous because if I can’t shake this cold, or it goes into my chest, there’s a chance my surgery will get postponed.  By Sunday morning my eyes were sealed shut, and my throat and ears were killing me.  I dug through my bag of random old prescriptions, and found two amoxicillin pills.  I took them both.  This morning I woke up and my eyes were still gross but not sealed shut, and my throat wasn’t quite as sore, so I think it’s getting better!  I managed to get a bootleg prescription for antibiotics so I’m on the mend and fully expecting to be good as new by Friday.  And if I’m not, I’ll pretend I am.  I must not let the surgeon see any sign of weakness.  I must not get this surgery postponed!
On Saturday I was feeling pretty down on myself and needed to buy myself a pre-op present.  Although I felt like crap and didn’t want to get out of bed, I took a trip over to Best Buy and bought myself a Nook.  Now that I can download and read any book I want, I’m hoping time will fly during my recovery!  I’ve already downloaded four running books, so they are sure to keep me motivated during the downtime.  And on the way home I couldn’t resist a medicinal cup of ice cream from Dairy Queen to soothe my sore throat!

"Alternative Medicine"

Here are the stats on the cold:
9 days
1 ginormous batch of chicken soup
3 bottles of Theraflu
1 bag of oranges
2 bags of cough drops
1 box of really strong cough drops
2 cases of water
1 zillion green tea bags
On a positive note, my cats are thoroughly enjoying all of this downtime and have staked claim to my recliner.

Slowly losing the battle of the recliner

I’m sure this is all going to be funny someday, and I will reminisce about the time that I was so busy taking care of some hideous cold that I didn’t even have time to stress out about my upcoming hip surgery.

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