Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life according to runners

Now that I am back into full swing running, I can't remember what I did to fill my time when I wasn't. Running once again dominates most of my discussions (at least the important ones) and is a major factor in many everyday life situations. It seems that life revolves around running, preparing to run, and recovering from running.

When runners drive down streets, they analyze the street in terms of its "runability". I'm guilty of this, scoping out shoulders, sidewalks, traffic patterns, hill grades, blind spots, potential water bottle hiding spots, scenery, and proximity to connecting streets to make a decent loop. Last weekend I had a memorial service to attend, and we drove down the neighborhood where my mother grew up and where I spent many many days of my childhood. As she reminisced about growing up in the house, my response was, "This would be a great neighborhood to run a few miles". On Tuesday I had to pick up my son from school. Not letting an opportunity go to waste, I showed up in front of the school in my florescent shirt, running shorts, Garmin and water bottle. We drove a little ways down the street until I pulled over, hopped out, and ran the rest of the way home.

When runners (female) purchase beauty products, the number one question is: "Is it sweat-proof?" After a hard lunch run on a mild day last week, my face wasn't cooling down too well. I was sweating like a garden hose and even after I showered, my make up was sweating right back off my face. That's when Kerri introduced me to tinted moisturizer. What a hidden gem! Now I just use that instead of foundation on my running days and I don't have to worry about looking blotchy. While I was at the store purchasing the new moisturizer, I stumbled across "24 hour Color Tattoo" eye shadow. It's like they knew I was coming!

Meal planning is another area that leads to interesting discussion. Runners eat foods that serve a purpose. "What do you feel like having for dinner?" can be answered a number of ways:
1. Something with a good carb-to-protein ratio and no fiber. I have a long run in the morning.
2. Nothing, I have a track workout tonight. But I'll nibble on these almonds and an ounce of cheese before I go. And I'd like some electrolytes when I get home.
3. Nothing but carbs. I have a race tomorrow.
4. Since I'm not running tonight or tomorrow, let's load up on veggies and fiber.

Runners know what it means to go shoe shopping, but this isn't so obvious for non-runners. Here's an excerpt from an actual conversation last week:

Non-Runner (NR): What did you do yesterday?
Me: Went shoe shopping
NR: Oh what did you get?
Me: Got my first pair of Brooks. Defyance 5. Pretty sweet!
NR: Uh... what color?
Me: Pretty much white, with some purple and neon green trim.
NR: Umm... and you like them?
Me: Yes! Roomy toe box, good arch support, very lightweight, good cushion. Nice neutral shoe.
NR: (Blank stare)

Just this afternoon as Jaimee and I prepared for our lunch time run, we realized we both had the exact same shoe! It's cool, because she's a runner. She gets me.

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