Friday, November 29, 2013

And speaking of Iran...

I know the suspense is killing you so let me just get it over with.  Yes, I'm running again!  Don't crap your pants just yet, we're talking baby steps.  I got the all-clear on Monday afternoon to run, but I have to start off very lightly and gradually increase, so that in 3-4 weeks I should be back to my 'ol self!  I'm pretty much sticking to the treadmill, just doing 1-2 miles.  So far so good!  Of course, with yesterday being a holiday I just couldn't resist going out for a little run out back.  Just me, the icy puddles, howling wind, and a butt load of hunters.  I had originally thought of doing a little loop in the woods but made a grown-up choice to do an out and back on the roads to avoid getting shot before dinner.  Look at me, so grown up now!

And speaking of making grown up choices...even though I'm cleared to run, I'm not going to give up the other activities.  Swimming, biking, and <gasp> strength training have become a part of the routine so I'm sticking with them!

And speaking of strength training... last weekend I was at the gym and it was an interesting mix of weekenders.  Usually I only go early weekday mornings before work, where most everyone is a couple decades older than me.  On this day there were a lot of teenage boys.  You know, the footballish types.  The ones you wonder what the heck their parents fed them to make them so ginormous.  I made an assumption that they were probably on a football team, and they were probably talking about whatever big giant teenage boys talk about.  Imagine my surprise when I walked by them on my way out, and overheard them engaged in a very grown-up discussion about the Iran nuclear negotiations.  I probably should've stuck around to learn a thing or two, but speaking of football, I had to head off to a frigid Gillette Stadium to watch the Patriots game!

so cold that our clothes were threatening to fly off
And speaking of frigid, it's been super cold around here all week.  I was lucky enough to get to work from home today, and just now realized this is what I've been wearing ALL DAY:

I look like I'm ready to shoot a deer and rob a bank all at once.  Maybe I should consider turning the heat up.

And speaking of turning the heat up... tomorrow morning I'm in for a huge sweat fest!  Jackie and Kristen are coming over with their bikes and trainers, and we are going to do a group trainer ride in my family room!  I'm so excited about this, because trainer rides are so boring.  These girls are bound to spice things up, and I can't wait!  We'll keep this up all winter and will be ready for triathlons in the spring!

And speaking of triathlons... although I'm totally anti-retail, especially anything to do with holiday-themed sales like Black Friday, I got sucked in big time.  Scott, who apparently likes me to spend money, told me about a ridiculously good deal on a wetsuit.  Granted, I won't need a wetsuit for another six months, but I will need one next year and this was just an offer I couldn't refuse.  So, now I'm the proud future owner of an Xterra Vector Pro wetsuit.  Happy birthday to me!  I told Scott that since he made me buy it, now he needs to come to Massachusetts and do a triathlon with me.  I think he thinks I'm kidding.  It will be amazing if this wetsuit actually even fits me.  I did use the online sizing tool, which customer reviews tout as "very accurate", but I didn't even meet the minimum height range of 5'2" for a female.

And speaking of being adorably small, here's the annual picture of me with the kids: my nephew, niece, and son.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I'm very thankful for my health, good feet, good food, great friends and family, and - of course - online shopping.

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