Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training weeks 1-6 plus my favorite new toy

It's hard to believe I'm just finishing week 6 of my Boston Marathon training plan.  Maybe it's so hard to believe because I'm not logging nearly the same amount of miles as anyone else, or what I was doing last year at this time.  I'm trying really hard to grow wiser and healthier as I grow older, so I'm sticking to my own modified plan no matter what.  That can be tough to do when I see everyone else logging double digit long runs at this stage, and I'm just squeaking out 8.  I try not to compare myself to my peers so that I won't get discouraged, but it takes a lot of discipline.  With my modified training plan that I created for myself, my longest run will top out at around 16 miles.  This is going to make race day very challenging, but I'm stubborn enough to just gut out the last 10 miles, even if I walk a lot of it.  Maybe I'll stop and have a beer this time with the BC guys.

My training plan is a scaled down version of the Hal Higdon plan, with a few ground rules I set for myself:

  • Run every other day whenever possible
  • If I have to run back-to-back days, one of those runs must be at a very easy effort
  • Try to hit the 10% rule: Increase weekly mileage by 10%
  • Don't get caught up in other people's pace or distance
  • Don't compare this year to last year
  • Cross train
  • Cross train
  • Cross train
Here's how the last 6 weeks shaped up:
Week 1 total miles:
Run: 5.1 miles (long run 3 miles)
Swim: 450 yards
Bike: 16 miles

Week 2:
Run: 12.64 miles (long run 5 miles)
Swim: 2,600 yards
Bike: 5 miles

Week 3:
Run: 12.7 miles (long run 5 miles)
Swim: 3,800 yards
Bike: 10 miles

Week 4:
Run: 15.5 miles (long run 6.5 miles)
Swim: 1,200 yards
Bike: 0 miles

Week 5: 
Run: 19.2 miles (long run 6.85 miles)
Swim: 900 yards
Bike: 0 miles

Week 6:
Run: 18.2 miles (long run 8.15 miles)
Swim: 1,800 yards
Bike: 13 miles
Strength training: 65 minutes

Next week should be my first week hitting 20 miles, so I'm excited about that.  I need to do a better job of getting in the pool more than once a week, and as you can see I need to spend more time on the bike too.  I did a better job this week of using the weights at the gym, and I just bought myself the best new toy:

Have you ever used a BOSU ball?  This is my favorite new toy.  I used one a long time ago in PT after my hip surgery, and I remember how hard it was to balance on but how rewarding it was once I finally got the hang of it.  There are so many cool exercises to do, and trying to steady yourself on a wobbly surface while doing these exercises is a fun challenge!  I'm obsessed with it, and can't resist jumping on it every time I walk into the TV room.  I did the DVD workout this morning and by the time I was done I looked like I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.  There's a good chance I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning!

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