Friday, February 28, 2014

Two of my deadliest things

I thought I'd end the week by highlighting a couple of my most dangerous running things.

1. Laundry
I try to keep up with laundry, especially lately with the amount of sweat I'm producing thanks to Boston Marathon/Triathlon training. Who's idea was it to train for two major events at once?

Here's a glimpse of the gear I've sweat through just since the Hyannis half marathon on Sunday:

That's nine, count-em, nine shirts. Two swimsuits, many sports bras, various shorts, and too many socks to fit in the picture.  (For your sake I didn't include underwear.  You're welcome).  In fact, during my 7 mile treadmill run on Wednesday, I actually paused and changed into new dry clothes!  Forget Tide Sport, Tide with Febreeze, or Tide with Downy.  There's so much sweat baked into these clothes, soon I'll need Tide with Penicillin.  

2. The pony tail
I've mentioned a time or two about how dangerous my pony tail gets when I'm running.  My pony tail creates such a stir it practically needs its own zip code.  Anyone within a 2-3 treadmill distance of me at the gym is in jeopardy of getting sprayed by this sweat nozzle, and now that I have my own treadmill at home, the poor cat has never been saltier.  If you think I'm exaggerating, I finally have it on film.  Here's a little mash up I made of the finish line photos from the Hyannis half marathon.  You can see the amazing arc my pony tail takes, and I think if you could pan out enough, you'd probably see the spectators looking up in the sky wondering where the rogue rain shower is coming from.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love it when my training clothes out number of my other clothes :)

    I've been planning a blog post about washing sports clothes and getting out the Scotty Funk. I used to use Win Sports Detergent but that stuff is freaking expensive. I know this sounds just as disgusting but it works:

    Put regular/generic white distilled vinegar in the fabric softener slot of your washing machine! BAM! Cheap and fresh. Thanks to TKB for finding that!