Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pre-Boston Weather Obsession

Literally every single person in the world right now that's running Boston is in total hysteria about the weather.  Trust me on this.  Starting two weeks ago, the countdown was on until Marathon Monday would make it into the "Ten Day Forecast".  Why is beyond me, since the ten day forecast is about as accurate as... a weather forecast.  Nevertheless, we are all obsessed.
Once the forecast made it into the ten day range, we've seen it fluctuate from 60's and sunny to 60's and cloudy, to 50's and rain, to 40's and cloudy.  The great news is there's no sign of any type of heat wave.  The bad news is I can't decide what to wear.  In fact, I bet I won't decide until that morning, but that's the beauty of being a local runner!
We're all also obsessed with hypothesizing what would happen if "today was race day".  Like, Saturday for example.  Gorgeous sunny day in the 70's.  It was a picture perfect day, and Kristen and I took the opportunity to "get away from it all" by dusting off the kayaks and going for a nice leisurely paddle.  It was glorious.  But as glorious as it was, we couldn't help but think, "I'm so glad the marathon isn't today, it's way too hot!"

On Sunday I went for my last long-ish run (8 miles) with Ron.  I used it as my "dress rehearsal" for Boston, wearing my proposed race gear.  I went with a short sleeve shirt, arm warmers, shorts, and calf sleeves.  It was chilly and breezy, and I contemplated swapping out my shorts for capris if it was going to be this temperature on race day.  But then, just after our run finished, the temperature shot up about 20 degrees.  The difference between 40 degrees and 60 degrees is about three articles of clothing, which left me thinking, "I'm so glad the marathon isn't today, how would I dress for this temperature spike??"

Monday was another gloriously warm, sunny 70+ degree day, and again I said, "I'm so glad today isn't the marathon.  I would literally die of heat stroke."

Yesterday a cold front (I think, I don't know, something...) blew through, with 50+ MPH winds and torrential downpours.  Guess what I said.

This morning I woke up to 29 degrees and my truck covered with an inch of ice/snow/frozen something.  The roads were a mess, the commute a disaster.  I bet you know what I said...

Anthony refers to this pre-Boston weather obsession phenomena as "the final mental challenge of marathon training" and he is thoroughly enjoying our hysteria.  I feel like the Goldilocks of weather.

For what it's worth, we are now five days out from Boston and the most recent headline I've seen is "Boston Marathon: Ideal Conditions Now Possible", with temps starting in the 40's and warming into the 50's.  Stay Tuned!

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