Friday, January 16, 2015


My favorite thing about flying is using the on-board WiFi.  Sure sometimes it's a bit spotty but really, I'm cruising along at 470 mph, 38,000 feet above sea level, watching episodes of Drunk History, Facebooking, and reading my Kindle.  I can't complain, even if the signal is a tad bit slow.  Which reminds me, if you've never seen it, check out this hilarious video of Louis CK's take on flying.  (NSFW! {Not suitable for work} [or for people that don't like swears]).

So I figured while I'm here on my magical air ride to sunny Florida, I'd give a quick ankle update.  First of all, thank you to everyone who expressed concern and followed up with me to see how the ankle was doing.  I will tell you this: Kids, don't do what I do.  I'm thinking that not going to the doctor was probably the wrong choice, although I seem to be doing okay now.  I had really been on the fence about seeing a doctor because it did seem like more than just an ankle sprain.

On Saturday, 8 days after the injury, I tried running.  I had been walking okay, and even though the ankle was still swollen and tender, I wanted to see if I even had a small chance of being able to race this weekend. I did a very slow walk/jog 1 mile.  While running it honestly wasn't that bad.  A little tender, and my ankle is definitely unstable, but not horrible.  After sitting for about an hour I went to stand up and it killed!  Ouch!  So, I waited a few more days, and then tried another run on Tuesday.  By this time the ankle was less swollen and tender.  I wrapped it up well, ran 2 slow miles on the treadmill, and immediately iced it after.  No problem!  Wednesday I did the the same, a little faster, and without ice.  It definitely seems to be getting better, although it's very unstable feeling and especially tender when I do any "pushing off" motion.  Looks like hills and trails are out of the question!

I know you're probably wondering why I don't just leave it alone, but for me, this is leaving it alone!  Just a couple of runs and a bit of cycling is all I have done in the last couple weeks, and I really wanted to see if I had any shot of running my 5 mile race this weekend.  Based on my last couple days I'd say I have a good shot.  I'll just take it easy, walk if I have to, and enjoy being in Florida!  My trip is much more than just running the Clearwater Distance Classic anyways.  Apparently we're going to be swimming with manatees and maybe going on a dolphin tour!

As much as I don't like trudging to the airport at 5am, the view is pretty awesome flying south, when you're sitting on the left side of the plane!

The only draw back is that the sun is reeeally hot and I feel like a bug under a microscope sitting next to the window.

Stay tuned for more updates from Florida, where I will do my best to take a selfie with a manatee!!

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