Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sister's first (and only?) run

My sister has been threatening me since last summer that she was going to start running.  She even joined a gym and assured me that she was walk/jogging on the treadmill and doing some additional walk/jogging on a nearby track.  But the days got shorter, the track got covered in snow, she couldn't possibly make it to the gym, there's never enough time, she didn't have any clean socks, her daughter stole her sneakers... you get the picture.  Then a couple months ago she tells me about a 5k nearby that she wants to run with me.  I was excited about this and she swore she was going to start working out asap to get in shape for it.  But... the track was covered in snow, her dog ate her socks... you get the picture.

Last month for her birthday we went shoe shopping and she picked out a sweet new pair of Saucony running shoes.  I convinced her to get the running socks too.  I've asked her a few times how she's liking her new shoes but she still hasn't found just the right opportunity to use them.  Today she was coming over for a visit and I sent her a text saying "Don't forget your sneakers".  So today marked Julie's very first run.  Yay Julie!

She showed up wearing her fancy shiny Saucony's, and held in her hand a beat up old pair of clunky sneakers.  She said she didn't want to get her new shoes dirty so she was going to switch into the old ones to go running.  I vetoed that idea and forced her to break in the new ones.  I changed into some running clothes and felt a little ridiculous wearing a teal shirt and capris with a matching teal stripe down the side.  I looked like someone I would make fun of.  I returned a few minutes later and she exclaimed, "Oh come on, do you have to look so hot?!".  I asked her if she wanted me to change into something uglier, but finally she said we better leave before she changed her mind. 

I took her down the trails behind my house, and shortly after starting off she was worrying about me going too fast, losing her in the woods, and getting a tick infestation.  I said if she's worried about ticks she better run faster, and I just ran 15k yesterday so I was looking forward to a nice easy run.  We finally started running when the terrain evened out a bit.  I ran with her until she needed a walk break, then I'd run ahead for a while and double back.  This actually worked out really well for me because it let me change my pace up as much as I wanted, and built in more mileage from all the doubling back. 

She was a real trooper and had a great first run.  I'm hoping it wasn't too painful for her so that she'll stick with it and eventually maybe she'll get addicted like the rest of us.  Shortly after returning to the house, Julie found a tick on her.  I'm calling it a self fulfilling prophecy.  If I'm going to have any chance at getting her to run with me again, I might have to suggest sticking to the roads.

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  1. You should have stepped on them and scuffed them up!