Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun runs and a newbie update

I’ve had a good start to the month, with 38 miles logged so far in 7 of 10 days.  I also decided that since I don’t have major race coming up for a while, I may as well mix up my running a little bit and have more fun with it.  On Tuesday for my fun run, I went down to the West Hill Dam and did “Dam Laps” (not Damn laps).  This “lap” consists of running across the top of the dam, then running down a steep hill to the bottom of it, then down alongside the bottom, and then back up a steep hill back onto the top.  One lap is just over a half mile, and it’s really the best of both worlds with some tough hills coupled with some nice breaks in between.  So I did a few of those laps and then continued on a nice easy trail run.  It was a great way to spend an hour.  Wednesday I ran with the lunch group down to the ice cream stand, but ran into some serious stomach issues and ended up leaving work early.  Wednesday was also the day I promised my son Andrew that I would take him on his first run.  (More on him later). 
My fun runs continued for the rest of the week, where I did 5.6 miles on Thursday and my favorite 8 mile loop on Saturday.  It seems ironic that now that the pressure’s off and there isn’t a significant race in my near future, I’m logging all kinds of extra miles.  It’s amazing what a difference a month makes!
Newbie Updates:
Pinky:  By far the most common question I get from blog followers is, “Did Pinky ever run with you again?”  If you aren’t familiar with Pinky, refer to the New Recruit.  Pinky has not yet run with us again, but according to Todd she’s running on her own and building up the strength to run with us again someday.  I'm very much looking forward to leaving her in my dust running with her again.
Sister:  It was one week ago today that I dragged my sister out on her first walk/jog.  She did well despite the initial complaining, and I had hoped I didn’t push her too hard or scare her off.  I talked to her on the phone today to see if she wanted to run again tonight, and she announced that today was the first day since last Sunday that she could walk without pain and that her knee has been giving her problems.  I’m hoping she will be willing to give it a try again soon, but we might have to do more walking and less running next time.
Son:  As I mentioned earlier, I made a deal with my son that I would help him get into better shape.  Wednesday was our first run together.  It was a 1 mile walk/run.  He held up well and I made sure we walked before he was exhausted so that he wouldn’t overdo it.  Tonight we pushed a little harder and did a 2.25 mile walk/run.  It’s funny watching a 15 year old running for the first time.  Whereas I’m usually concerned about my form, my Garmin, or logging miles, Andrew was more concerned with high-fiving the pine tree branches and hurdling the speed bumps in the park.  It was pretty funny seeing running through the eyes of a non-running teenager.  We continued the walk/run pattern for the whole loop, although there was a lot more walking towards the end.  He was pretty tired by the time we got back, and I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t push him too hard.  I’m starting to develop this pattern of One-and-Done running partners, (not unlike my dating life) but at least with Andrew I have a little more power of persuasion!

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