Thursday, August 29, 2013

2014 Boston Marathon - too soon?

Question: Is today, August 29, 2013, too soon to start blogging about the 2014 Boston Marathon?  Answer: Yes, yes it is.  Especially for those of you that had to endure months of me droning onnnnn and onnnnn about my Boston training this past Spring.

I'm really not ready to start talking about Boston.  I know so many people were instantly committed to going back next year, better! and stronger! than ever! Woo Boston Strong, Yay!!  I'm just not there.  Try as I might, I just can't seem to drum up the enthusiasm I feel obligated to have.  When people would ask me if I would do it again, I sidestepped the question, figuring I had months upon months to heal and make that decision.  Maybe I'd feel a smidge better if I hadn't been dealing with this nasty plantar fasciitis since March.  Maybe I'd feel better if we weren't still seeing news stories every single day about the Boston Marathon Tragedy.  When the BAA announced that the 5,700 runners who weren't able to cross the finish line would receive a guaranteed entry to the marathon, I was of course grateful for that opportunity, but not ready to commit.  I'd have months and months.

Earlier this month we received the official email notification from the BAA, announcing that if we would like to register for Boston 2014, we needed to register between August 19-August 29 and fork over $325.  Talk about being put on the spot!  Not only did I need to make a decision, I had to hand over a boat load of money!  (hey, I keep my money in a pretty small boat).  While on one hand I wasn't ready to commit to this decision, on the other hand it was probably exactly the push I needed.  After hemming and hawing for an entire day, finally Anthony talked me into it by saying, "If you even think you might want to do it, just sign up for it.  The worst that happens is that you lose $325".  Someone else commented that, "It's so far away from now, you could actually get injured and recover and still have time to train for Boston!", to which Anthony chimed in, "And knowing you, that will probably happen!".  So with all of that encouragement, on August 20th I took the leap and registered for Boston.  Not that I'm one to believe in "signs" and "omens", but here's what happened when I signed up for Boston:  I inadvertently transposed my first and last name on the registration form.  I didn't catch it while I was filling in the fields, nor did I catch it when I got to the summary page that said to "please review this form for accuracy".  My first clue was when I got the confirmation email that said, "Dear Duhaime,".  Doh!  Good thing there's not an IQ test to get into Boston or I'd never qualify!  My very next action was to send an apology email to the BAA, asking them if they could please kindly fix my name.

Later that day I got another email confirmation with my corrected name.


So let's just hope that this little bobble isn't an indication of how my next Boston experience will be!  While I continue to have mixed feelings about running Boston again next year, I'm starting to warm up to the idea.  Several of us girls will be doing it again, along with some other friends like Kerri and Ronnie who are trying to get in through charity means.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming cool autumn runs and even - dare I say - the long cold snowy runs.  Now we just have to get this heel pain all patched up!

In other news, my newest obsession is with Shakeology.  I'm looking for the best way to get the most "superfoods" into my diet, and Shakeology seems like a slam dunk.  The price is steep, but some people swear by it.   Is this just a fad or the real deal?  I'm going to try it for 30 days and see how it goes!

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