Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MRI's and bike crashes (totally unrelated)

You may have caught on over the last six months that I've been having a bit of an issue with a pesky case of plantar fasciitis.  I've tried to spare you from the frustration of it all (you're welcome) while keeping myself busy swimming and pedaling all over town.  The PF started just before the Boston Marathon, and never really went away.  In May I finally went to a podiatrist where I was ordered to do some additional stretches, icing, resting, and walking with Power Step inserts.  Progress was minimal, and in June I started a six week physical therapy program.  The problem, it seems, originated from my under-developed hip, which never really fully recovered from my hip surgery back in October, 2011.  PT had me doing all sorts of core and hip strengthening exercises to even me out while doing massage on my calf and foot.  The short term result was new hip pain in addition to my heel pain!  But, the long term result was that my hip strengthened up and that sets me up for a stronger, more even stride.  Unfortunately, the PT didn't provide a whole lot of relief to the heel pain, and after six weeks I was maybe only 20% improved.

At my last appointment with the podiatrist, he recommended we take the next step and get a cortisone shot, but before that he wants an MRI to really get an in-depth look at what's happening inside my foot.  My MRI is finally scheduled for this Thursday, and I'm looking forward to getting the results.  Part of me wants to hear "hey great news, it's not as bad as we thought!", but part of me wants justification for all the whining I've been doing for the last six months, with something akin to, "I can't believe you're walking let alone running!  You're simply the strongest, most amazing person I've ever seen in all my years!".  Okay, maybe dial it back a notch.  But you get it.  I want my pain validated.

For now I'm just continuing to run a couple miles at a time, a couple times a week.  And of course pedaling all around town!  After doing several 30 mile bike rides, we (the gang of women) decided to up the ante and make it a 50 miler.  Saturday morning, Jackie, Kristen, Luke (honorary member of the gang of women) and I headed out for a long long ride.  What we didn't realize was how much harder a 50 mile ride was than a 30!  I think the 150% humidity had something to do with it, but man were we spent.  We decided to be responsible and cut the ride back to 40 miles, and start our Corona re-hydration plan early.  In case there was any question that I was just being a sissy and could have made it another 10, I managed to crash my bike at mile 39.  Proof positive that I was just too gassed.  Not to worry!  Lexi is fine.  She has road rash on her pedal, but that just builds character.  As for me, I have a fabulous bruise on my leg, which this photo just doesn't do justice.

And for the record, there was nothing sissy about this ride.  Check out these hills!

In the last week I've managed to crash my bike and crash my horse (yep, poor Rocco took a nose dive while galloping).  I really hope this MRI gets me pointed in the right direction, because these cross training activities are getting risky!

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