Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The "Benefits" of Not Exercising

It is Day 17 of my foot's captivity, and I'm starting to lose my mind.  I wasn't naive enough to think this would be a fun little break and would give me a chance to do all kinds of indoor stuff like reading and catching up on TV shows.  I knew I'd get restless and bitter.  But still, I've tried to remain positive.  It's getting tough, but I managed to wrangle a list of the benefits of being on the disabled list.

  1. I get to sleep late.  I've slept until 7:30am almost every day for the last three weeks, which has never happened that much in my life.  No more worries about sleeping through my alarm or struggling to find a free lane at the pool.
  2. I haven't had a chance to injure anything else.
  3. I've had all kinds of time to do things like paint my nails.  They've never looked better.
  4. I started fake tanning with spray on tan, mostly because I'm in denial that summer's over and I don't want to look like a vampire.  Not a sexy vampire, that would be okay.  But more like a middle aged, out of shape vampire.  
  5. I've saved so much gas because I haven't really been driving much.  I can, but it's a huge pain and probably not a great idea (due to the walking cast on my right foot), so I stay home more than usual.
  6. I'm all caught up on Days of Our Lives.  (Sammie's out of jail, Kristen's still crazy, Jennifer looks exactly like she did 20 years ago).
In short, during this downtime I've turned back into the teenage version of myself.  I'm thinking about getting a subscription to Teen Magazine and plastering my bedroom walls with posters of Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson.

In case you, like me, were thinking that at least being in a cast means I can shoot down to Disney and cut to the front of the line on all the rides, you can forget about that.  Did you hear about their new policy?  Guess I picked a bad time to get all disabled.

On Monday I have a follow up appointment with my podiatrist.  I'm not overly optimistic because my foot is still pretty painful.  I'm hoping for a miracle because it's killing me to be stuck on the sidelines while all this beautiful picture perfect weather has been coming through.  I was okay with being injured when it was 90-100 degrees, but not when it's 60!  That's my jam!

In the meantime, between painting my nails and watching soaps, Kristen took me kayaking to prepare for this weekend's Greenway Challenge.  This is a 60-ish mile relay race comprising of running, cycling, mountain biking, and kayaking.  I was supposed to do a 19 mile road bike segment, but due to my foot injury I was reassigned to the kayak.  I tried to back out of the race entirely, but my fellow ladies wouldn't let me wuss out.  It was a little dicey getting in and out of the kayak without putting a lot of weight on my foot, but while I was in the kayak it was a total blast.  I'm hooked, and naturally dying to go buy my own!  Maybe next year.  After our kayaking adventure we cracked open a beer and ordered some take-out food to pick up on the way home.  So now we can add drinking beer in the woods to my list of teenage-like behavior!

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